Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Our House

Here are some pictures of our house. The first one is of the front of the house and the 2nd one is from the side looking into the back yard. The bad news is that we live in an ugly tan house with brown trim, the good news is so does every one else on the base. The General may have a bigger house, but it's just as ugly. Base houses all over the world are this color...I guess they got a great deal on paint...and they have no imagination at all.

All the windows have metal shutters that are to be closed in case of a typhoon.

The odd thing here is that the side of the house is what faces the road, so our front door faces some one's back door and our back door faces some one front door. We have no idea why they did this. We thought maybe it has some thing to do with the way the wind comes off the ocean onto the island...but not all the houses on the base face the same way. Who knows!

The thing about our house that stands out it that we have no shrubbery at all which makes our house look very plain. But the good part is that we spend less time tending to the yard and we have no bees. The bees here are quite vicious. They don't die after the sting, so they sting over and over again. A neighbor got stung 7 times on her neck a few weeks ago when she was working in her yard.

Over all, our neighbors are nice. In the house behind ours is a Navy couple. He's gone right now. They have no children yet. On the front side of us is an older couple who both teach at the schools on base. Across the street we have another Navy family as well as the single manager of the Burger King on base. A new family has moved in a well, but I have yet to meet them. Behind us we have a civilian family with one son and and other civilian family with boys that the father works for NOAA (the weather people). It's very odd not to have more Air Force families around! We also have FBI and DEA families on our street. I'm sure there's more AF families....somewhere... But given that Drew can investigate them, may it's for the best that we don't have more around us.

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy