Monday, September 10, 2007

Just another Monday

Nothing too exciting around here. Drew called and he arrived safe and sound in Hawaii. He left on our Sunday morning and got there on their Saturday evening, so he got an extra day. And of course, he went diving with a friend. All went well and they had a good time. Before his conference starts tomorrow (well..their Monday) he'll work on my shopping list. I'm sure he'll enjoy every minute of it!! :)

The kids and I went to church. Melissa played at a friend's house while the younger brother of her friend went bowling with us. Ben won the first game with a score of 107 - he was very happy. I think that's the best he's ever done. William was not too happy at being beat by his younger brother, but he got his game together and won the 2nd game. Bummers are wonderful! I don't play without them now.

Today we had Ben's open house. It was during the afternoon hours of school. I really liked it that way. The teacher had time to really explain the reading programs she uses and other stuff about her class. Ben is getting three afternoons a week of Spanish. Maybe he'll be able to have a conversation with Maggie in Spanish by the end of the year!

The teacher did confirm that they don't do spelling list or test in 1st grade here. Not too sure if I like that. It's less stress, but I'm not too sure if he'll be learning as much as he should be or as much as William or Melissa did in 1st grade.

After the time with the teacher we were do have "meet and greet" with the admin...I enjoyed the cookies and juice, but never saw any of the principals - guess they were too busy! I did get to meet some of the other moms from Ben's class. I think we all are concerned about how well the kids will learn to read at this school. I told Ben after school that he will have to read to me everyday as a part of his homework. We read about Clifford - that big, red, dog - today. We did well with reading during the summer reading program, but have gotten lazy.

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kathleen.pool said...

Good luck trying to get MAggie to speak Spanish. Even after four years in the Spanish program and three weeks in Mexico she doesn't like for us to hear her speak.

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