Monday, October 22, 2007

ER: Round Four

Yes, we ended up taking Melissa to the ER for her ears. When she started to complain that her other ear was starting to hurt and she was still in a lot of pain even with meds - it was time.

And did you know that in the ER you can learn all sorts of things? Like older kids won't typically run a fever with an ear infection. I just looked a the doctor. Really?? Because, that 's why I didn't bring her in earlier!!

So, I can look like an over-reactive mother if I bring a child in with no fever and just a cold or I can not bring her in until her ear is about to burst so I can look like an uncaring mother. Wonderful.

But I did come home with a load of medicine. Even more motrin. Love that.

Didn't so much love the pink eye meds. I was looking for drops, but no - he gave us the cream.

Cream for the eyes...hmmm...she's nine...and very, very strong. It was just a wonderful mother-daughter bonding moment as I held her down with her screaming as I put cream in her eye.

And all the boys slept through it all...including the big boy that I married. How is it that he can sleep through crying, screaming, and bad storms and I wake up by a child whimpering??!! When do these "mother ears" turn off??!!!

This morning I took Ben in for his pink eye. Poor thing - his eye is almost swollen shut. Yep, he probably had it Friday or Saturday, but we didn't notice till Sunday. Aren't we just the very observant caring parents?!!

I asked if he would get the cream or the drops. The doctor said the drops. I than asked exactly how do you apply the cream and explained the night before with Melissa. And I asked if he could give me drops for her as well. He said no, not without seeing her.

I wanted to yell - Open your eyes, she's sitting right here!!! But I restrained myself.

But after talking a few minutes (nicely, of course!), he said he would give her the drops. I think he figured out that whether he gave them to me or not I would give her the drops from Ben's bottle, so he might as well.

Putting drops in is so much better than the cream....not as much screaming....but boy! I've got strong kids.

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