Tuesday, October 2, 2007

ER: Round Three

Once again, let me start by saying for the benefit of the grandmothers, William is fine...well...now anyway...or at least he will be....

I was watching Melissa's gymnastics class (the first one here). The boys' soccer practice was cancelled due to lightening in the area and they were getting antsy, so I said they could go in the lobby or out in front of the youth center. They decided to go next door to the skate park and look around.

After they had been out there for a little while it started to rain, so they started to come back to the youth center when William slipped with his soccer cleats he was wearing and cut his leg on one of the skate-board jumps. He sent Ben to come and get me.

By the time I got out there, he had made it half-way to the car. I got him settled and looked at the cut...deep...oh my. So I went back to the youth center and got some paper towels from the bathroom. Then went back out to give them to William and looked at the cut again....still deep...very deep. Oh my.

Have I ever told you how I really don't do well in emergencies???

So, I went back inside to get Melissa and we went to Drew's office for him to say what I really already know: ER time.

I just walked in office while he was in the middle of a meeting with one of his agents, "You need to come out and look at William's leg - he cut it."

So he and the agent and another agent come out and with a very quick look, "Yep."

While Drew went back inside to shut down his computer, one of the agents went and found some better bandages than the paper towels. While he was putting it one, the another guy - Josh - got a good look at the cut and I thought he was going to pass out! He had to take a few deep breathes..I hate to see this guy in a bloody crime scene...wonder how he does in an autopsy....

Anyway, Drew took William to the Navy Hospital. They just called and they are on their way home with about seven stitches.

I asked if they got any frequent visitor points.

I'm really, really hoping this will be the end of this habit.

But other than that we had a great day in paradise. :)

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Anonymous said...

Poor William! I guess it is always good to be on a first name basis with the ER personnel....

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Leaping For Joy