Friday, October 5, 2007

Maybe Guam is bad for our health....

As I was eating breakfast this morning, the school nurse called to say that Ben had been poked in the eye with a pencil.

You some point this has really got to end.

But he's fine. After talking we decided that he was fine to go back to class. When I spoke to him I asked if he thought he was okay to go back to class, "Nooooo." I said, "Now look, if you leave school, you're going to the doctor's! You are not coming home to watch TV all day." "Oh,alright, I go to class." He's so funny - anything to get out of school. He's going to be so much fun as a teenager!

Our week has been good. Yesterday I got to sub for one of the 5th grade teachers, so I had William for a little while. (This school has five 5th grade teachers - one for each subject - and they rotate through.) William was excited to have me for a sub. When I said my name, several students said, "Wait...does that mean your William's mom?"

I even got to eat lunch with the other teachers...and talk about William. One said, "I finally saw him crack a smile the other day - he's so quiet."

Yeah...they should live him...he's not so quiet all the time. But they all seem to like him - and that's what I want.

And once again soccer practice was cancelled due to the weather...we have a storm passing north of us that just may turn into a typhoon and hit Japan. We've decided that next fall we won't do soccer - just not worth it during the rainy season.

Did any of you hear on the news of the 7.1 earthquake we had??!! I was actually on the phone with Mom when it happened. I know it would be a big number, b/c it just kept going. Usually we feel one bounce or roll, but that had four or five.

I would like all of you to pray for friends of mine - Dawn and Garreth. (He's the one that did my hair that Melissa liked so much.) They are in the process of adopting from Guatemala for the second time. (Callum is just so cute!!) They started over 18 months ago hoping to avoid what has happened, but their case just seems to be going on forever. The government there has passed a law to stop all adoption to the US as of the 12/31/07. If their case is not done by then, they will not be able to bring Nickolas home. Nickolas has already sent the first year of his life in foster care. There are probably hundreds of families in the same situation. Not only will they lose this child they have already come to love and see as part of their family, but also anyway between $20,000 - $30,000 in fees that these families have already paid. And the question of what will happen to all these children in foster care is left unanswered as that country is not equipped to deal with them. Thanks.

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robnss said...

Yes, it is far too dangerous for you all to stay there. It is time to PCS! Say, I hear Travis AFB is looking for a new DetCo!
BTW, Stan moved to the Squadron Commander slot and we should be staying 1 more year....yes, i'm ok with that!

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Leaping For Joy