Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy All Hallow's Eve

I know in Christian circles Halloween can be a sensitive topic. Some go all out, while others avoid all traces of the holiday all together. Drew and I have are somewhere in the middle.

Growing up, I did trick-or-treat. It was a night of just being with friends, dressing up, getting candy, just having fun, and did I mention, getting candy! We knew just about everyone in the neighborhood, so it was a night of catching up with everyone. We weren’t trying to reenact anything.

By the time Drew and I had kids old enough to participate, the holiday seem to have change. It was more about scaring people. I saw nothing godly about that. Then being a military family, we didn’t know our neighbors very well. Also, I felt very un-comfortable letting my kids take candy from strangers. Then we also found out that my kids were allergic to chocolate and nuts. I saw no point in scaring them for candy they can’t even eat.

Like most kids, mine enjoy dressing up and pretending. Usually, beginning in September I start making or searching for a costume for William. (The two younger ones usually have the handy-me-downs!) Over the years we have mostly been animals with a few insects thrown in and even a flower. This year we will have a butterfly, a cheetah, and we will be grace with the presence by the great Abe Lincoln.

Over the years God has blessed us with churches that host festivals. The chapel on base will host a festival, so once again we are blessed with an activity that the kids can participate in, but in a manner that's acceptable us. And yes, they'll get candy - lots and lots of non-chocolate candy. This year the chapel will even be giving away small toys.

How ever you celebrate today, I hope you are able to spend time with your family and friend and have fun. And get to eat lots of candy...lots and lots of candy!

I'll post pictures of Abe, the butterfly and the cheetah soon.

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy