Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm

Coming to Guam I knew that it would be difficult to find a job, which is why I opted to sub. I want to work, but not full-time. But after subbing for a while Drew and I both feel that I won’t be doing this for all three years that we’re here. Not having a consistent schedule can be tricky at times. I know that several teachers are leaving. But after subbing for one of those classes, I was convinced that it was not for me. I love to teach, but I am not an elementary teacher. That is not my training.

Yesterday as I was leaving one of these leaving teachers was joking around with me that I should take over her class. Not in a million years!! (That is the class with the Tim McGraw wanna be – which by the way I’ve been told that he will now be homeschooled. I don’t that’ll last!) A friend was there also and said I should take it. But I said that I don’t want to work full-time. Then my friend said that a half day preschool teacher is leaving also. Hmm…Now that does interest me! So…once again we’ll see where God takes us.

Then today Drew told me he was thinking about taking Thursday off, so I was considering not working too and so he and I would have a day for us. And I’ve been thinking that I should talk to my friend and see if she’ll introduce me to the half-day preschool teacher that’s leaving and see if I can sit in on her class one day to see if I would like it.

Right before I needed to get the kids from school, the school called to see if I would work tomorrow – in one of the preschool classes. Well, yeah!! This is for one of the teachers that will be moving, but this one works all day. In fact tomorrow she will be packing out, so she’ll be gone within the month. The half-day teacher is expecting her first child and is due in December, but her Navy-pilot husband will deploy before then and so she will go home to have her baby. I also think she's leaving within the month.

God is working…we’ll see where it goes now….maybe I’ll like it…maybe I’ll hate it….whatever – I know He’s working something out!

Pray for wisdom!!

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Leaping For Joy