Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Health Report

Jsut thought you would like a health report on us...
William - still have stitches, but healing nicely
Melissa - healthy
Drew - healthy
Me - found out this week my cholorestal is 154 - YEAH!
Benjamin - has ringworm


Head live is going around 1st as well...great....

I will totally lose it if he come with those little bugs.

Here's praying that he does NOT share the ringworm.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought about going into home healthcare?

Rachel said...

Lice drives me insane. Praying that they don't come for a visit. My mother claims if you use a hair dryer the little critters won't make your head their home.

Anonymous said...

head lice do not like lavender or tea tree scents.
It is running rampant in the CA schools too. I bought lavender oil and run a few drops through my kids' hair on their necks and shoulders everyday. Since I sub, I use it too.

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Leaping For Joy