Saturday, October 13, 2007

Silence: It's a Blessed Thing

I subbed both Thursday and Friday. Thursday I earned my money.

Every. Single. Penny.

It was special education integrated class or "SPED" as they like to call it here. The teacher is actually a wife of an agent and I knew at least one of the students (also an OSI family), so I thought it would be a good choice for the day.


Next time I'll go with another class. Any other class.

The day started with several boys glaring at me. This was not too usual, because I know there are some kids that just hate subs - no matter whom it is. Then one boy came up to me as they were walking in the class and said, "I wore flip-flops because they match my outfit."

Alrighty then.

Then he began to sing a Tim McGraw song, "1, 2, 3 like a bird on a tree",but that's the only part of the song he knows. And he sang that part over and over ALL. MORNING. LONG.

Please, stop the insanity!!!!!

And while he was singing he would not do his work but would bother anyone and everyone he could and in general just be a royal pain in the...lower half of my body.

He was not one of the SPED kids. Oh, no...they had other things planned for me.

While he was singing I had a "SPED" boy who stayed in the corner and glared at me. When I would talk to him, he would say, "I'm mad and I don't do anything while I'm mad."

Okay, then.

But apparently he does something while he's mad, because he came up to me and said, "I need to go home because I have diarrhea in my pants."

Okay, then.

All I could think was "I'm SOOO not changing that."

So, off to the nurse he went. He was back shortly with his mother and new change of clothes, but she refused to let him come home. He was mad all over again - back to the corner and glared at me for awhile longer.

All the while we're hearing about that bird in the tree.

One other boy glared at me a lot, but at least he would try to do his work..not that he would say a word. But since I was being serenaded to, I'll take the strong silent type.

Then there were the two other SPED boys...they couldn't do any work independently and they couldn't keep their hands off each other...unless it was to push their notebooks off the table and across the room. At one point, one was under the table screaming. Of course, he really screamed when I pulled him out and put him back in his chair.

And yes, I was still hearing about that stupid bird in the tree.

And all of this happened before lunch...which is at 10:15.

And no, the cafeteria does not serve strong drinks.

But back at my room I had silence. It is a blessed thing.

And the best part? This teacher is moving back to the States in three weeks. I've been asked if I wanted to take over her class.


Are there any teachers out there with a strong desire to live on tropical island and teach some wonderful military children? You may not be able to go to Iraq and support the troops there, but here you can be a service to your country here. I know of a great teaching position you can get. I've heard the class is very musical.


Anonymous said...

Are you kiddding? That sounds like a combat mission to me! Seriously, there are some amazing people who are called to that kind of ministry (and it is a ministry). I have loads and loads of respect for them!
We missed you last night, all 5 of us :) Poor Dawn is going to have to drive to the boonies every month since 3 out of 5 live here...
We'll be flying your way in 12 days - we'll wave :)

Rachel said...

If you ever have to do that class again, bring along an Ipod and smile away at that class, blissfully in your other world. I know I'm often tempted to do that with home school. Off to the soccer awards--Yippee

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Leaping For Joy