Tuesday, October 16, 2007

School Stuff

Hey, everyone! Our week is off to a good start. I'm subbing three days as an aide this week ( M,T, W). I don't usually work on Wednesdays as that's my Bible study day and my day for errands. Not five minutes after I said yes, I regretted it. Not that the work was bad, but I hate to miss Bible study. I get paid the same as a teacher sub, so it's probably a better deal. In a few classes I work one-on-one with some "SpEd" kids, but I also have to lunch and playground duty - yuck.

On the other hand, I don't have to listen to anyone sing to me.

The funny part is I am in that 1st grade class that gave me such trouble last week. They are much better when their teacher is in the room!! But I will say I've enjoyed being able to observe several teachers and their teaching style - especially since my degree is a secondary one not an elementary one.

I get to see William and Melissa during lunch/recess and they seem to enjoy saying hi to me. Of course, Melissa says hi more and with a hug. William does that running by really fast with a quick hug (sometimes a hug)...I guess he doesn't want his friends to see him talking to me.

We are knee-deep in projects. William did one last week for social studies on WWII. (Am I the only that thinks the story of Anne Frank is a bit much for 5th graders??? He did not take it well when he had to read about what a Nazi soldier did to a crying baby...trust me, you don't what to know.) This week he had one in science and he and Melissa both have one in culture class. Last week both also had to write an essay for Hispanic Heritage Month.

Culture class is one of their "specials" like PE, Art and Music. They learn all things Guam as well as some of the language, Charmorro. They also have Spanish, computers, and library, but those are apart of the instructional time done mostly by the teacher (although there are separate teachers for Spanish). It boils down to that they are out of the class a lot!! This is a busy, busy school...I'm still not sure if busy means learning. The jury is still out on that.

Right now the sun is out and so I'm hoping that soccer is on...of course last Tuesday it was nice and sunny, but they cancelled it b/c there was lightning 5 miles away, But we never hear thunder or saw lightning on the base....no one told the pool to shut down - it was full of people. Many of us parents were very upset over that. Both are run by the same organization here on base, but apparently each have different rules - very frustrating!

Hope your week is going well!


Rachel said...

Our good friend Melissa has assigned Miss Flannery a big project to do. Even home-schooled kids get burdenned with them.

Anonymous said...

Ok, for the record, it was Ms. Lisa who assigned that project, not Ms. Melissa. She'll get mine when I get back from China (and my boys have to finish said project before we leave next week!).
The evil homeschool teacher :)

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