Sunday, November 25, 2007

20 Minutes or Less

What a lazy weekend we've had! We were to go to Cocos Island yesterday - it's a small island a mile off of Guam, but the weather forecast was nasty so we called everyone and cancelled.

And it ended up not raining till four. So, much for listening to the weatherman.

So, we just stayed on the couch and watched football. Once again, SEC football was very entertaining. I'm sure some of my in-laws didn't like the out come of the LSU/ARK game though. And today we were very naughty and skipped church and stayed on the couch and watched the Tenn/UK game. Once again, I know I had disappointed in-laws.

But SEC football just can't be beat! They'll give you a real game!

Drew and friends are going diving today. Since the weather is yucky I think I'll stay home with the kids...besides...more SEC football is playing...

One thing I did get done this weekend was to put up our Christmas decorations as noted in the picture above. I do have presents to put around - and most are even wrapped!! I think I'll wait a little while longer before I put them out. No sense in tempting the little ones into shaking and peeking inside. We did not bring a lot of decorations. We were told that storage is a problem so be careful watch you bring. But as my mother said - I can always buy more long as I can find a place to store them. There's a rumor that some people leave their tree up all year all because that's the only place to keep it.
In three years when we get our stuff out of storage, it'll be like Christmas for us...of course, there's always the thought of if it's in storage for three years, do you really need it?

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy