Friday, November 23, 2007

Our Thanksgiving Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We ended up going hiking to Pagat Caves. We went there a few months ago with some people from the office. All in all it was fun, but oh my. I forgot what a hike it truly is!!

I'm feeling it in several places in my body today.

Not that I'm getting old or anything. Or out of shape. Never that.

This time after went swimming in the caves, we hiked up behind the caves to the cliff line so we could see the ocean. Actually, we went farther than that. Drew really wanted to get close enough to touch the ocean. It ended up that the ocean touched us.

The waves were crashing into the cliffs where we were at and we could feel the spray of the water - it was really neat. And once again I didn't bring my camera.

First I miss Elvis and this time I missed take a picture of being so close to the ocean without the benefit of a beach.

Oh, well, I'm sure we'll all live through this disappointment.

What we really needed was gloves - some really thick hiking or rock climbing gloves. At the end of the trail, we had to climb on the cliffs that were made out of coral. Just in case you don't know, coral is very hard and rough and can tear up your hands really fast.

And pucker your bathing time I'll need to wear something else...something that will clover my legs so they won't get so scratched up when I slip off the coral....not that I ever lost my balance and fall or anything...

And even though at the end of yesterday I was wondering why on earth did I agreed to this hike, I'm sure I will go again. Next time we want to find the remains of the old village there.

This time the trail was dry so it wasn't as slippery as it was last time...but the mosquitoes were out in force. Today we'll all itching from a few (hundred) bites. And yes, we did use bug spray. Lots of it, but it just doesn't help much.

We ended the day at the airport to welcome home one of the guys from the office home from a deployment. It was a great Thanksgiving for that family. The wife didn't tell their daughters (ages 2 &6) why they were at the airport. They thought they were their just to get a friend or someone from the office. It was great seeing their faces when they realized it was their daddy coming home.

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