Saturday, November 17, 2007

Date Night: the ER & Elvis

Drew and I had a wonderful date night on Friday night - complete with an ER trip and a conversation with Elvis.

YES!! Elvis!!! He's alive and well and living here in Guam!!

We started the night off with the ER - but for once it was NOT for a family member!! One of our deployed guy's daughter was in the hospital due to double pneumonia, so we stopped by to see how she and her mom were doing. She should come home tomorrow and ever better news is that her father should return from his deployment within two weeks.

Then we went to Sam Choy's for dinner - wonderful food!! And yes, that's where we had a great conversation with Elvis. And despite what you may think -he has a Hawaiian accent not a Southern one...very odd don't ya think?

And this is the third time I have seen him and I didn't have my camera!!! (The first time was about a year ago in Waldorf when I was with a friend and Priscilla was with him and I saw him shortly after we moved to Guam when we were downtown.) But he gave me his schedule, so now I know where he is I'll be prepared next time - I will keep that camera close by!

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy