Thursday, November 15, 2007

Curled Up in a tiny ball, trying to disappear

After I picked up the kids from school today (they got out at 1045 due to conferences), I told them that we were meeting Daddy for lunch. Melissa asked if we were going to the food court (we were headed that way.) I said no, maybe the bowling alley grill, but we were meeting Daddy some where else first.

"Where?", asked Melissa.

"Oh, just over here", I said as I kept driving.

As I was pulling into the clinic's parking lot one child yelled, "There's Daddy!" while another asked, "Why are we at the clinic?" and then the last one yelled, "SHOTS!! NO, NOT SHOTS!!"

That's when the screaming ensued.

And the crying.

Loudly...very, very loudly.

William actually got out of the car willingly. Not the other two.

Ben was in the back, Melissa in the front- both had curled up into balls trying to disappear into the floor-boards. I literally had to drag them out of the car all the while they were screaming.

I'm glad no one was video-taping me picking up one screaming child out of the car and handing him off to his father, then dragging the red-head out of the car....I'm sure it looked like we were about to abuse the poor screaming things. (Of course, the thought never crossed my mind to give them something to scream about....)

But Hey! If it was video taped, maybe we would have won on America's Funnest Video.. Drew and I were actually laughing at them.

Ben did end up walking on his own feet into the clinic (holding Daddy's hand, but still walking willingly) but I had to drag a screaming Melissa.

You would have thought she was three not nine with all that screaming.

At one point she was in my lap in the waiting room screaming for all the base to hear...right into my ear.

All over a flu shot that lasted two seconds - if that long.

But five flu shots were given. And yes, she continued to cry for ten minutes after the shot.

But lunch with Daddy, a few games of bowling, and a doughnut made her feel better.


Anonymous said...

Oh the memories... I did that last year with my kids BY MYSELF! and one child in particular (won't mention names but those second borns are a booger sometimes...)did the same thing. It took me and two nurses to get the flumist up his nose. So glad the torture is over!

Anonymous said...

My second born doesn't even flinch when he gets a shot, although we'll see how he does with his allergy test the day after Christmas....he'll get pricked 40 times!
My first child, however; will pull the needle out of her leg if given the chance again!
Things have gotten much better....especially if I promise ice cream afterward!

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Leaping For Joy