Monday, November 5, 2007

Don't Let Your Heart Be Broken

I read several blogs just about everyday. (I won't say just how many b/c I don't want you to think I have nothing better to do!) One of them had a link to here

It's a Newsweek article about backing up you digital photos. Please, read it then go and back up your photos!!

I have a friend who knows how heart-breaking it is to have your computer crash taking all your photos from the last two years with it. (Marcia, I can still feel your pain!!)

I have just finished backing up mine - which I do every quarter or so. It's easy! So, the next time you are in WalMart/Target/Office Depot, etc, pick up a box of CD-ROM found in the computer department and go home and back up your photos!!

(Yes, Mom, I will walk you through it when you're ready!!)

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Rachel said...

I hope you read mine. I'm about two blogs behind on news. I'm enjoying your blog a lot!!!

Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy