Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ode to Bob

kIt would be an understatement to say that Drew and I are not animal people.

There are so many reason. Yes, I do have issues from my childhood, but that's for another blog. Having allergies is a huge reason. And yes, I have heard that you should get a dog and live with for a few weeks and that will cure you of your allergies to them. I know people who have done this and its worked for them. Ben and I would be lucky to get through those few weeks without having to be permanently hooked up to an oxygen tank and an IV of Benadryl. Then, there is the smell of the animals. (If you have animals and think your house doesn't smell, then you must clean your house every day.) But also there's the poop.

I potty-trained three kids - I am done with carry some one else's poop out the garage can.

Bearing all of this in mind I was not very receptive to Bob.

Bob the Hermit Crab is his full name.

Last week William came home from school with him. He wanted to take him to the beach and let him go...he knew there was no way Mom was going to let him keep Bob.

Then Melissa saw Bob. And you could just see the wheels turning in her head.

She was not about to let him go without a fight.

I just said, "talk to your father." I knew he wasn't going to let them keep the thing.

Oh, how he likes to surprise me.

Stunned was one word for me.

Just like Drew...he said yes, then hopped on a plane and left the island leaving me with Bob.


But he did get on that plane with the knowledge that gifts better be in his possession when he returns!! (I do accept that he gets to travel and tour the world with his job, but I don't think its too much to ask for a little gift upon his return.)

So, we kept Bob. They kids have a great time naming him and did seem to get a kick out of taking care of him...as much as you can hermit crab.

But at last it was not meant to be.

Melissa burst into my room early Sunday morning very upset, "I think Bob drowned during the night!"

And she was right...well...maybe not the drowning part, but he was dead. I really didn't think crab could drown, but he is dead, so maybe he did.

So, here's to you Bob. Thanks for being our first pet. And thanks for not stinking up my house or make me carry your poop out to the garage can.

May you enjoy hermit crab heaven.

Rest in peace.


Polly said...

Just another reason I love y'all. No fawning over little yappy dogs. No barking at the big ones. No laughing at cats that ignore you. Nope. None of that.
And you forgot one other pet grossness...the puke. Every dog we had growing up was a puker. And dog puke is the gossest of the gross puke. 'nuff said.

Rachel said...

Well at least you didn't have him long enough to have to have a formal funeral. May Bob have fair winds and following seas.

I hope Drew doesn't bring you a cow back from India

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Bob the Hermit Crab.

I'm also sorry that you (and obviously some of your other friends) don't like animals and that you aren't able to enjoy them due to allergies. It was probably my dog that helped you realize what the cause of Ben's allergic/asthmatic reaction and I’m sorry he had to suffer while you were in my home. I have suffered from allergies/asthma all of my life and I understand.

But, now I'm wondering if, while at my VA home that time, was my house stinky? Is that why you guys always stayed in a hotel when you were in town?
HMMM…. The previous tenants had pets, maybe there was an odor.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't clean my CA home as often as I should. But if a mess (puke, poo or pee) is made by any MAMMAL that inhabits this house, it is promptly cleaned up. I am referring to the people too. You have 2 boys, I know you understand how dirty the area around the toilet can get.

My friends here have dogs, cats and even both. Their homes don't stink and I KNOW they don't clean every day. I could go into a long speech singing the praises of animals and, how our dog, Cocoa protected me and my sister from a rabid skunk that wandered onto our property. I could tell you about the life I had as a child on the farm and all the animals I helped take care of, despite my own allergies, and all of the POO I had to shovel as part of my weekly chores. You think I would hate taking care of animals then. I don’t. The animals we care for are a part of our family and we love them. I will cry when our dog dies.

I probably shouldn’t I tell you that I'm actively looking for another dog on Petfinder.com I do want to rescue a dog. I'd rescue all of them if I could. Especially those from shelters that euthanize animals. I am even considering opening up my home/yard to foster other dogs.
The thought of owning my own Jack Russell Terrier rescue has even crossed my mind. I guess it will be pretty smelly around here then.

Your Stinky Friend,

Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy