Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Eating Humble Pie

One of the things that has bother me (and others) here on Guam is how much stuff people buy here at the commissary. The commissary is one of the benefits for not only active duty military, but also for the reserves and National Guard. The prices are much lower than at civilian stores. Typically I pay half the price you would for milk and I have found that on can goods the commissary's price on name brands are within pennies of Wal-Mart's store brand's price.

That being said, there is much room for scams and money to be made - especially over-seas.

One day I was going into the commissary as a lady was coming out. She had 11 (Yes, I counted) bags of 50-lbs of rice. Who needs that much? She had carts full of drinks and produce. I can home and told Drew I wanted to make a formal complaint!

He and the previous guy have looked into it, but overall there's nothing they can do. If the person has an ID card, they can buy what they want. They are on the look out for fake cards, but they really can't do anything.

But still many of us wives get upset when we see how much people are buying at one time. Exactly why do you need four gallons of bleach? 12 lint rollers? 10 eight-bar packs of soap??? This goes beyond normal hoarding.

So, today as I was waiting for a cashier a man came up and apologize for the wait. He said he had two cashiers call in sick. I said no big deal - I'm not in a hurry. Then I asked is he was the manager. He was.

I just couldn't keep my mouth shut.

" you have limits on items?"


" it doesn't bother you that people are buying 5 bottles of shampoo at one time? I saw a lady walk out of here with 11 50-lbs bags of rice once. And that's okay?"

He said, "There's nothing we can do. They have a card. If I question it, then they'll write their congressmen and I'll get in trouble. If they have an ID card, they have the right to buy whatever they want. But the rice lady was probably the grill at the bowling alley - she buys all her stuff here as well as most of the squadrons."

"Ohh.. the grill -I can see how she was need that much rice."

Then he proceeded to tell me that Guam had more deaths in Vietnan that any other state. I was told a while back that the National Guard here has a waiting list. This is a very patriotic place.

So, yeah, they can buy whatever they want at the commissary and base exchange.

Next time I'm in the commissary or base exchange and see some one buying huge qualities of one item, I'll remember that they have just as much right to be there as I do. After all Guam is the only American soil that has been invaded and occupied by the enemy (the Japanese ruled Guam during WWII for several years put all Chamarrows in prison camps.)

So, shop on my fellow citizens, shop on.

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Rachel said...

I could see me buying maybe 3 bags of rice to last a month--but I can't explain the 11 bags. Maybe if the boy friend spends more time over here I will be dragging 11 bags home--I certainly hope not.

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