Sunday, November 11, 2007

Weekend Update

I'm happy to tell you that Drew walked in the around 5:30 am this morning safe and sound. We all were very happy to have him home. He said his trip went well. He probably will have to return at some point, but all is well for now. In between his meetings he got to tour some of the country. He saw the Taj Malhal and the Red Fort. He also talked of the poverty he saw - a very different place than we are use to.

When he came home he went right to sleep -traveling all night on a plane was not the best for sleeping. With about a third of the people living in Guam are from the Philippians, you would think they would have better flights! (When he flew out the went through Tokyo, but had to go through Hong Kong and Manila on the way back.) So, while he slept all morning I showed great restraint and did not raid his suitcase for GIFTS!!!

After the kids and I returned from church he did give us our gifts - so nice. We got an owl, an elephant, and a turtle carved out of marble. Each had a part of it that you could see into and it held a baby version - I'll try to get a picture so you can see what I mean. A lot of very hard work went into carving them - very beautiful!

After lunch we looked at some photos his co-worker took of them on the trip. Carlos took over 700! I'll try to go through them and post a few. I only saw about half then had to take a break!

Then I did what several people here told me NOT to do. I got my hair cut here on base. OOOOOhhhhhh, the danger! But I'm happy. I just couldn't stand my hair any longer!! The bushy squirrel look had to go. (Actually, everyone in the family got a hair cut - we are all looking very stylish!)

The best part of the day was when Drew and I went to the "Kids' Restaurant". The kids wanted to play restaurant with us. The made menu, set the table, took our order, served us our food and even took the plates away! So cute! We have a great time. We sat and talked. It was like having a date!

A date with kids around, but hey! We didn't have to cook dinner nor pay for a baby sitter.

We ordered chips and salsa, salad, and chicken nuggets. And the best part? The price. It only cost us 5 kisses and 11 hugs.

The best bargain in town!

So, buy your airline tickets and come for a visit and you, too, can visit the Kids' Restaurant where you leave you wallet in your room and just pucker up!

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