Sunday, December 2, 2007


Just before Sunday School today Drew and I were talking to our teacher (whose wife is William's math teacher) how thier trip to Paulu was. As he was telling us all that they did, he also mentioned that they saw Jeff Probst having dinnner - AFTER A DAY AT WORK!!

Those of you who watch Survivor knows what that means. And for those of you who don't just quit reading now, b/c this will have no meaning what-so-ever!

YES!! They are filming another Survivor in Palau. They finish up December 15 and it'll air late January or early February. It's usually just aired after the SuperBowl.

As the Cobbs (our friends) were on the boat going to a dive site they talked to two people who worked with Survivor. One was a lady from New Zealand who filmed at night - hated being out there at night. And a man from the States that helped put up the challenges - he loved it.

They also saw what they thought was the Tribal Counsel - they saw a huge structure at the top of a hill in a island as they past by going to a dive site.

I just thought it all was very cool - wish we were in Palau! Actually, Drew and I have talked about going. Not sure when, but hopefully it'll be in the next year.

All of us want to swim with the jelly-fish (their fresh-water and don't sting) and the dolphins.

And yes, it'll be an expensive trip, but hey! That's why I'm working!

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