Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Look at that Face!!

What a cutie!! He's lost three teeth in the last month or so - all being the first ones. At this rate he'll break the tooth fairy's bank. He now talks with a slight list - so cute with his Boston accent...still now sure how he got that... but so cute, we could just eat him up at times...and I think he knows it!
Here's some irony for ya:
Monday: Working, bad hair day, had to wake the kids up so they were in a grumpy mood.
Tuesday: Not working, kids woke up on their own before it was time all in a great mood.
Such is life I guess.
So...what's a girl suppose to do with a day off?? That's right! Ignore the chores and go shopping!!
All by myself. It was heaven.
I did make a quick run through the commissary to get what we need to last us the week, then I went down to K-Mart. Melissa needed some new flip-flops since I threw her other ones way when they broke - much to her dismay. It's amazing how you can't find cheap flip-flops on this island!! They only had some for $15 and they had an inch heel.
An inch heel for a 9 year old!! On a flip-flop!!
But I did buy some great PJs for me that the kids will give me for Christmas. Makes me smile just thinking about them.
Then it was off to the mall where I needed to return a pillow to Macy's. Then I got to do something I've been wanting to do since we moved here: Just walk around the mall - ALL OF THE MALL!! Without any little one asking when we can go home.
Like I said, heaven.
I found a great dress that I'll wear Saturday night to a Christmas party. And I found a dollar store!! Yip-eee!! It's not as great as Dollar Tree. It's more like Dollar General or Family Dollar Store, but guess what they had??!!! Cheap flip-flops!!!
Not a heel in sight on these.
For $3.99 I got Melissa cute pink one - with Barbie on them no less.
What more could a girl ask for?
I'm off to continue to ignore the household chores and enjoy my day off.

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Polly said...

I am so jealous! I haven't done anything alone in forever! Maybe that's what I'll ask Santa for!
Your boy is darling. I can't believe he's loosing teeth. He's still a baby, right? Time just needs to slow down a little. I'm tired!

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Leaping For Joy