Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Oh, Yes, They Call Him the Streak....

As we were coming in the house yesterday from school, I told the kids before they do anything they need to unpack their lunch boxes as well as change out of their uniforms. I noticed that Ben and Melissa both has something on their shirts, so told them to make sure their uniforms get in the laundry room so I can put spot-remover on the spots before they set.

Keep that in mind as I tell the next scene.

The little girl across the street came over right about then to get the spelling words from William as she had forgotten them at school. She was standing at the door, William is a few feet away going through his pack-back trying to find the words. I'm standing in the kitchen getting a snack together looking towards the door at William and Morgan.

Then I hear this rush of pidder-patter of feet as Ben runs at full speed from the laundry room through the kitchen down the hallway to his room.

Morgan's mouth dropped down, her eyes got wide, and she started to giggle. I looked at her and asked, "He was naked wasn't he?"

She nodded and giggled some more, "Yes!"

I just hung my head, "Please, tell me he at least has underwear on?"

More giggles, "He did."

Well, thank goodness for small favors.

At some point I'm sure his behavior will reflect that he was raised in a house with modesty and proper behavior with guest in the house...but at seven it's just not in him.

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Leaping For Joy