Sunday, January 13, 2008

ER: Round Five

Yep, you read it right, we were back at the ER. And yes, grandmothers, William is fine.

As I said on Friday, he woke me up at one in the morning not feeling well. But by noon he was just about to normal. He never threw-up, but had a lot of stomach pain. Saturday morning he woke us up again (this time at three a.m.) and within a few hours he did throw-up.

For most of the day he was okay - not feeling the best but not feeling as bad as he had in the early morning hours. He spent most of the day watching TV, but did eat fairly normal. But by evening time he was just about double over with pain. We were pretty sure it was not constipation nor appendix, but felt that he needed to be seen just in case it was his appendix.

They did give him some fluids by IV to make sure he didn't dehydrate. And they took about three vials of blood. All of the blood test came back normal, so they said that it was probably just a virus.

Today he says his stomach still hurts, but not nearly as bad as is had.

So, yeah...the ER - again.

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