Tuesday, January 15, 2008

And the Days Just Go By

I didn't work yesterday (Monday) or rather I didn't work at the school! But boy! did I work here at the house!! Everything got cleaned and washed. Busy day!

Today I did work at the school - still a busy day! I had the class I had last Thursday - a kindergarten class. It's a good class and the day goes by fast. I have two of the students from my AWANA class, so it's nice to see them. Of course, they get confused some. At church I'm "Ms. Kelley", but at school it's "Ms. Sanguinetti".

Yesterday I got several people in trouble at the Outdoor Rec - who is in charge of swimming lessons here on base. They had called me a few weeks ago to say Ben's teacher is out of town and won't be starting. I called yesterday to see if they would be starting - I knew the teacher was back in town b/c I talked to her parents at church.

It seems that they had everything mix up and Ben wasn't in her class at all and his class has been going on for the last two weeks - without him!! I was beyond mad. I ended up calling the boss' boss. Outdoor Rec has messed up our swim lessons since we've been here. This boss got an ear full! He seemed receptive and said he would take "corrective measures".

I hope so. It can't be that hard to keep track of what kid is in what class!!

Yesterday Melissa had some of the same stomach problems as William and today was Ben's turn. After a long nap Ben says he feels better. I hope he makes it to school tomorrow. I'm suppose to teach a Bible study in the morning!!

Last night I went to a fellowship with my ladies group. We did a "spiritual gifts" surveys. It said that my main one (for right now anyway) was craftsmanship. Goes well with my home ec ed degree, don't ya think??

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