Saturday, February 23, 2008

More of our Japan Trip 2

Sunday we went into Tokyo. We stayed at the New Sanno – it’s the military hotel in downtown. A few things have changed there. Use to the bus would drive into the inner courtyard and let you off at the front door. Now, the bus lets you off at the street and you walk through a roped off area where they check for military ID cards before you can even get to the inner courtyard.

I made the comment to the kids about how things have changed. William said, “I wonder what happened to make things change.”

I said,” “9/11”

Every now and then it hits me how that day has changed our day to day life so much.

After we settled our luggage at the hotel we went to the Tokyo Tower and Meji-Shrine. At the Tokyo Tower there was young man with a monkey…not sure why, but it was entertaining. They also had their mascot out. I got a great picture of William and Melissa with it, but not Ben. Why? you ask?? Ben was hiding behind me. He’s so not into real-live cartoons.

At Meji I got a great picture of William in the same place as a picture of him as a baby. I’ll have to dig that one up and try to get it up on a post one day. There was also a wedding there - very neat.

Also, at Meji is a place where all the very interesting people of the city come and show off their “skills”. I could have stayed there for hours watching them…but the kids and Drew were tired and cold and ready to head back to the hotel. So no people-watching nor shopping there.

But all-in-all it was a great day in Tokyo. The kids really enjoyed riding the subway – and thankfully, since it was a Sunday afternoon, it wasn’t packed.

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