Sunday, February 24, 2008

More of Our Japan Trip 3

On Monday the big day finally came: Disney!! Over all it was great day - but I will not even try to believe it was as wonderful as the CA or FL...I know it was not, but hey! Sometimes you take what you can get. We did try to take the kids to FL - we even had reservations - but we moved to Guam.

We tried to keep the park a secret from the kids to surprise them, but they figured it out. It took about an hour by train to get there from the New Sanno. At times the train was very crowded - the kids got a taste of how many Japanese you can fit on a train. By Japanese standards though the train was still only half full.

Good think none of the kids have shown signs of being claustrophobia...

The Disney park is small than the other parks, but it still had most of the rides. The kids enjoyed several of the roller coasters as well as some of the classic rides. The railroad as well as Big Thunder Mt were closed, though.

Drew and I were shocked at the number of people. We kept saying if there is this many people in the dead of winter on weekday, how crowded does it get when school is out and its nice weather???!!! It really was amazing how many people were there!! Drew and I went when we lived there. We went on Veteran's Day in Nov and it was on a mid-week day and no where this busy.

BUT!! The main thing is that the kids had a great time. We did not see very many characters. And the few we did see (Goofy, Pooh-Bear) Ben stayed far, far away. We tried to get W&M a picture with them, but the lines were long or they just didn't see our kids and walked the other way.
Melissa fell in love with Minnie Mouse. She even brought these hair clips with Minnnie ears - so cute. I'll try to get a picture and post it.
At the end of the day I wanted to do some shopping - why buy early and just have to carry it all around with you all day...well, because when you go just before closing you can't move in the stores due to all the people!
It felt like the day after Thanksgiving at Wal-Mart with half-price ipods.
I could hardly not a whole lot of shopping happened....
But the next morning Melissa and I did make it down to the 100 Yen store one more time before we got on the plane!! Love those stores!

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