Sunday, February 24, 2008

Classic Melissa

Let me interrupt these postings about Japan to give a classic Melissa story…really, she should be blond…like her mother…

On our first trip to the beach back in June we saw a baby wild boar and its mother cross the road on our way to the beach. We were actually talking about how the base had these wild pigs so it was great timing to see this family.

The boars can be a nuisance. About a month ago one did a lot of damage to the golf course and so they ended up having a hunt one Sunday afternoon. They were able to kill it (the base gives the meat to one of the villages on island as a gift – that’s lot of meat that will feed several families).

As we were going to the beach today to watch one of Melissa’s friends being baptized, the kids were talking about the pigs.

Melissa asked, “If the borgs are here by the beach how do they get to the main base?”

Me, “First off, babe, Borg are an alien race on Star Trek. We don’t have them here; we have boars – B-O-A-R.”

Melissa, “Ohhhhh”

The conversation then went down hill as ALL the boys then had to recite Borg lines: You will be assimilate. It is futile to resist.

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Anonymous said...

Go ahead...I dare you try to assimilate me!

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Leaping For Joy