Monday, February 25, 2008


These are real people in Tokyo Disney.

This is what they really wore to an amusement park.

The first one is of a man wear a Kanga (from Winnie the Pooh) hat. I know it was on the chilly side (in the low-mid 40's), but why would a grown man wear this? To me it raises all sorts of questions I would rather not think about.

Then there were the young ladies. I wanted to ask them if they knew they were going to an amusement park when they got dressed that morning. I mean, why would anyone where heels and fish-net to walk around all day...unless that was your type of work, but how much of that work are you going to find at Disney???

You can't see it in the middle picture b/c her arm is in the way, but her butt checks were hanging out. Very, very un-attractive!!

And they just had to be COLD!! I was fully dressed with a heavy coat and I was cold!!

There are just some people in the world that I don't understand.

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Polly said...

Japanese fashion, or lack thereof, has always amazed me. You should see the tourists around here. They come looking for the old west. I'll let you think about that one and create your own picture!

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