Friday, February 22, 2008

More of our Japan Trip

Friday we spend most of our morning at the BX shopping. Yes, they did have a different and better selection than our BX here. Drew found some pants and I found Melissa's Easter dress (it's organge!! And so cute!) We ate lunch at the O'Club ( Officer's Club) and yes, that's much better than what we have here, too. We ate with a friend, Holly. After lunch she was gracious enough to take Melissa and me to my favorite store - China Pete's. It was about an hour away and great! I bought several things in both my Japanese patterns as well as a few other things. Friday night we went out to dinner with Holly and her daughter to a resturant that Drew loved that served gyoza and roman noodles.

It was great seeing Holly teach William how to use chopsticks. He picked it up right away...maybe because he was born in Japan??

Saturday we spent most of the day in Fussa, the city right out side the main gate of the base. We looked around the department store there, ate lunch at a wonderful curry house, and walked down to the river. The kids really enjoyed the park at the river, but they were not too happy about the walk back to the base. All in all I think we walked them about four miles total - that's a lot for those little legs - especially Benjamin's! On the way back Melissa and I tried to stop in at little gift shop near the front gate, but it was closed.

As you can tell from the pictures (as soon as I add them...I'm currently having trouble loading them) is was on the cold side. I think the whole weekend the temps stayed in the low 40's...a big change from our mid-80's here in Guam, but I think we all enjoyed the change - but yes! We are glad to be back wearing shorts and sandals!!

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