Thursday, February 21, 2008

We're Home!

We got home from our trip to Japan Tuesday night about 10:30...and I think we all are still tired! But we had a great time.

On the way to the airport the kids and I had our bi-annual dentist check-up. We all got a great report of no cavitites. That's always great news.

Once we were on the plane they had everyone to get off due to a problem with the back-up radio. It's always bad news when they unload everyone off to fix something. A friend from church was also on our flight. He thought it would take over an hour to fix - or at least it would it it was a military plane. But we were all surprised when we were able to re-board the plane within 45 minutes. The flight to Japan went well after that.

Once we landed in Japan we had to take what my mother once called "The Bus Ride From Hell" to Yokato where Drew was. It was to be a three hour and 15 minutes ride, but it's been known to take up to four hours. It's really not that far mile-wise between the airport and the base, but you have to go through downtown Tokyo during rush hour...usually with construction. But to our surprise and glee we made it to the base in two hours and 30 minutes. I saw no construction nor car wrecks - it went very smooth.

Being back on Yokoto was like coming come home in some ways. We really liked living there and was disappointed when we returned to the States in two years instead of three. So much had changed though about the base. There's a new BX/Commissary complex that is just wonderful! You would never know that you were standing in a military commissary - it was that nice!!

And their milk was cheaper than what we pay here in Guam. (We're paying about $5.35/gal there was $5.20....I paid $1.80 in Maryland!!!)

As we walked around the base I kept excepting to see friendly faces...Suzi or Barb or Marley....miss y'all!!!

Even billeting (that's military talk for "hotel on base") had been re-built. They must have totally torn down the old building to rebuild this one b/c there was no sign of anything from the 1960's. They really did a nice job.

And what were they building now?? A Chili's. That's right an-honest-to-goodness real resturant right in front of the new BX. Wow. Amazing. And what do we here on our base? Just the usual fast-food places that sell fat-ladden foods.

I wonder if we can just move back to Yokoto????

Soon I will unpack my camera and I will post more about our trip...and some of the crazy things we saw.

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Anonymous said...

Honey, I haven't seen $1.80 milk in a decade!!!


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