Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Shopping on Guam

Shopping here in Guam is just not the same as in the States. Oh, we have a few of the same stores you do...just less of a selection for a higher price.

On base we have the comissary for our grocery needs. For the most part it meets ours. There have been a few items that I have not been able to find, but not very often. Usually, I’m able to find what I want even if it’s not the brand I would prefer. Most of our food is frozen while it’s being shipped here – like bread and bagels. Lovely.

We also have the Base Exchange or BX. The Navy base has NEX. Right now they do carry different brands so at times we drive the hour to get to Navy if we can’t find what we want here – but not very often. The Exchanges and the commissary are run by different agencies so they do carry different brands at different prices (such as toiletries and cleaning supplies).

Also, on base we have like most other AF bases, we have a car center and a craft store. Both carry very limited stock.

We have yet been to an off-base grocery store – we have heard that they are very, very expensive. We do have the world’s largest K-Mart. But it just not Wal-Mart or Target! It’s also expensive – especially the toys! Wow! I think they must add another 50% to the price. And the food there is also way over priced.

There is a craft store – Ben Franklin. It does carry fabric – but it’s what is left over from the States. It carries no sewing patterns at all. There is another fabric store on the island, but I have yet to go there.

The mall here has a Macy’s. We have bought several things there. Also, the mall has a toy store and the usual shoe stores, but I think all are charging a lot more than they would in the States. Getting stuff here is just so very expensive…we are in the middle of the ocean after all!
So, many of us learn to do without or buy off the internet and just pay the shipping.

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