Monday, March 24, 2008

Back to South Korea

I'm not sure if I ever explained the why I went to South Korea - other than to check out the shopping. I went with some other ladies from the Chapel on base that we attend. The retreat was called Faithlift 2008 . It was held at the Army Post Yongsan there in Seoul and was hosted by their PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel). The speakers were really good! Here's a list:

- Susan Miller of
- Dr. Gail Hayes - she written two books - both concerning women issues
- Judy Rossi - she's written two books; one on marriage and her 2nd will be out next week - it's on parenting.
- Claudia Duff- from Woodbridge, VA - she spoke on friends
- Valerie Bixler- spoke on prayer

On our tour of part of Seoul and the lunch at the Korean restaurant we were able to really visit and get to know the speakers - that was very nice! Probably one of my favorite parts of the trip - just the visiting with them at the lunch - not the food itself...I really hope I never get offered eel again.

My favorites were Judy Rossi and Valerie Bixler - both were really good! I don't think Valerie has written any book, but she had a lot to say on prayer. I think she and her husband run a non-profit ministry, but at the moment I can't find the site.

Yongsan holds this retreat every year. I don't I'll go next year...but we'll see!

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