Monday, March 31, 2008

Just Another Weekend

We had a nice weekend- if not on the busy side. William's baseball games started so that took up Saturday morning. The other two kids and I left early so Ben could attend a swimming b-day party of a class-mate - Melissa, that crasher! She had a good time, too!

Then we went to the other end of the island to the Navy base to shop at their exchange. Yes, it's worth the hour drive and yes, it does make you feel like a country mouse going to town.

But we were able to pick up several things that our exchange does not have. And for the rest of the stuff, we'll have to wait until they come in or just do without.

Living on Guam is like that - learning to do without a lot.

At church on Sunday we had a college group sing for us. They did a good job. Later in the afternoon we returned to the Chapel for a fellowship that was catered by one of our favorite restaurants. Lots of good food - and we even got to bring home left-overs!! Yummy!

Hope everyone also had a good weekend!!

Here's to a good week too!

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy