Saturday, May 17, 2008

End of Baseball Seaon

That screaming of excitement you might have heard today was probably all of us celebrating the end of baseball season. The boys enjoyed it, but are still glad it over.

William's team ended on a bad note though. One boy apparently had the bad habit of throwing his bat after he make a hit. About the second time he did it today the bat threw sand in the catchers face when it landed. The catcher yelled at him, the catcher's mother yelled at him. The mother demanded that the batter be called out and asked why he was being allowed to continue to play.

But they did let him continue and he throw the bat again after his next hit. The sad thing was it was the last out. The coaches really should have talked to the player at the beginning of the season more. I'm just glad that no one got hurt.

And I'm very glad the season it over. We're all done with sports until the end of the summer - wahoo!!!

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dcallan said...

Our baseball season is until June 7. The weekend before is Amelia's recital then the summer begins!! Email me a test email. I don't think my emails are getting through.

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Leaping For Joy