Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kids Just Say...

As we were driving to the airport the other day to pick up Drew, Melissa was reading a book that her Nana gave her for Christmas. In it was a list of phrases and words in Spanish. She was reading through them to see if they have covered any in her class. She said phrase that means 'my pretty one'. I told her she should tell that one to her teacher. She replied, "I don't know." When I asked why not, she told me this story:

"My friend Jayla heard Spanish at home and she said that phrase to all of us in class and even to the Spanish teacher. Our Spanish teacher's eye got real big and said 'Don't ever say that again! Those are adult words!' Jayla said she thought some of the words were 'shut your mouth', but she didn't know what the rest of the words meant."

I can just imagine what the other words were!

I'm laughing at these parents that thought they could cuss each other out in Spanish without the kids knowing it. I guess they forgot that kids repeat anything and everything they hear.

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dcallan said...

How funny!!! Tell me what the phrase is and I'll reassure Melissa that it is ok to say to her teacher. I will be starting Spanish lessons with Amelia next week. She is taking Spanish next year for school and I want to get her ahead!

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