Wednesday, May 7, 2008

owie ears

Monday afternoon Ben complained of his ears hurting. So, I called the clinic and actually got an appointment - which is not small feat!! (I have government controlled health-care - you don't want it.) Then I called in sick to work.

Of course, when the morning came he said he felt fine.

Of course, you do - I actually got a doctor's appointment - of course, you feel better! Well, no need to waste an appointment - you're still going.

So, off to the doctor's we went and we waited and waited and waited. All was not lost - I was able to catch up with three friends from church. It seems the clinic's waiting room is the place to be.

We finally were called back (after waiting for an hour) just for the doctor to say that there's no infection and Ben needs to be on allergy meds.

So, I now have the wonderful privilege of getting DAILY meds down a child who will spit it back at you - no matter that he's seven not two. This child hates - HATES - to take medicine.

But on the good-news-front - he now weighs at whopping 36 pounds...and he's seven...the back of the motrin bottle says at 36 pounds he should be 4-5 years old...but he's seven...maybe I should more junk food to his diet!

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Leaping For Joy