Saturday, June 21, 2008

A New Kind of Grey

Before I proceed with this story you need to know that William got his brown hair from my mother.

Yesterday we were having lunch at a Mexican restaurant (since there are no good Mexican places in Guam it was high on my list of foods to eat). As our normal routine, we were playing "I Spy" to entertain the kids while we waited for our food at arrive. It was William's turn he said, I spy something with my little eyes something brown."

Several of us guessed several times and were wrong, when my mother said, "Is it my hair?"

As soon as she said that I said a quick prayer...I know my kids do not have any tack and I knew one of them would say something untactful. It was Ben. .

No surprise there. Of course, Ben - my child that will say just about anything

"But Grammie", he said, "your hair's not brown but old grey."

Great...not only did he have the audacity to remind his grandmother that her hair was no longer brown, but he even gave it a new type of grey - old.

I wonder if after this trip if he'll still be in the will....

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Leaping For Joy