Thursday, June 19, 2008


As Drew's friend, TJ, was driving us off the base to met with my parents he pointed out his house in base housing.

Are you kidding me???

It was beautiful!! Old, three story home...painted not brown!

He said that he had four bedrooms, 2800 sq ft, two sunny rooms - downstairs and upstairs...

I said something like," Yeah, my base house looks nothing like that."

TJ replied," Yea, I've seen Guam's housing - pretty ghetto."

You know, I never thought of my house as ghetto, but compared to his - he's right. I said, "Well, my concrete block house can withstand a 7.2 earthquake."

His reply? "At least there's one positive to it."

Here's to hoping my next house is not on an Air Force base and is not painted dull tan and brown and will not have to be earthquake nor typhoon proof.

And that its not ghetto.

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Leaping For Joy