Friday, July 25, 2008

The Gala

I wish I could load up some pictures for you...but that'll have to wait until I get back to our island... Last night was a lot of fun. It was a full military ball - full of mess dresses, tuxes, long dresses and all the pageantry that goes with one.

We had a funny emcee - but not too funny - just right. And clean. I really appreciated that he kept it clean -we've been to a few that the emcee forget he was in mixed company...not so good.

We also had two wonderful speakers. One was the organization's commander. He is just an excellent speaker! Drew has always felt that he was very motivating. Sunday night and again last night, he lived up to that. The second speaker was a "high-up" person in the Air Force. (And I'm not just not saying his name out of privacy concerns, but because I can't remember his name!!) He actually use to be an agent with us many years ago before he started to serve the AF as a civilian so he truly in an advocate for us and understands.

We also had some very moving moments. Over the years we have lost 9 agents. Seven of which has happened just since the Iraq war. Last night we were blessed to have two of their families attend. These families received the longest and loudest ovations. And rightly so. Because, we all know that it could be any of us in their place.

I think the most moving moment was at the end. All the active duty were standing and saluting while the commander and vice commander put out the fallen agents' candles and then walked over to the families to give them the candles....all the while the standing and saluting be sitting there and feeling so thankful that my agent was standing and saluting in front of me instead of looking at a portrait behind a candle...

But the evening was more than just remembering those who gave their all, we had very funny moments also. There were a video full of pictures of the leaders from many years back. Its always funny to see balded headed guys with a head full of hair! And to hear the jokes and stories from the agents at our table and the others around us - just so much fun.

All in all, a great way to celebrate "sixty years of excellence".

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