Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Night

Tonight is the last night I'm with my in-laws. I'll return to my parents' house tomorrow for a few days before I fly to PA to meet Drew. (The kids will return here and spend that week with Drew's family.) This past few days were filled with card games, food, domino's, great food, swimming at the lake, wonderful food, visiting, delicious food, and a lot of eating.

Can you tell we like to cook and eat?

This weekend was to be a mini-family reunion with Drew in town, but instead it was just the kids and I along with four of Drew's siblings, his parents, and several aunts and even a few cousins stopping by or calling. I really enjoyed myself - especially since I got to spend time with my favorite sister-in-law (If you are one of my sister-in-laws and are reading this, then you are my favorite sister-in-law...and for the other sister-in-laws that were not there this weekend, then you are truly my favorite!!!!)

(For those of you who are wondering I have seven sister-in-laws - and they all are such fun to be around!!)

I also invited my friend Janean to drive down to visit which she did late Saturday afternoon and evening. She just thought it was crazy that I would spend time with my in-laws without my husband around! She just couldn't imagine doing the same with her in-laws. Bust she had a great time and of course, we feed her along with her twelve year old daughter, Annie, some wonderful food .

This is not the first time I've been here without Drew. I think the first visit was when William was a baby when we were living in Japan and I was in the States for six weeks. I know they want to spend time with their grandchildren just as much as my parents do. Maybe it's a military wife thing, but whatever, I'm glad I'm here. Drew and I truly feel blessed by both our families.

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Anonymous said...

Kelley It is Julie and I really know I am the favorite sister-in-law.

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