Friday, July 18, 2008

Things That Make You Go Uhmmmmmm

I posted yesterday, but as I look at the blog today it's not there...uhmmmm...not sure what happened to it....very intersting....

Tonight I'm still at my parents house in MS. I wish I was at BWI, though.

Why? you ask.

No, not to catch a plane to back to Guam (although, that would be nice, too), but to greet my friends Dawn and Gareth as they arrive back from Gautamalia aftering picking-up thier third child, Liam. They have been in the adoption process for over two years and have been through just about everything with this adoption - if it could go wrong it did, if it could take five weeks instead of five days for a certain step, it did.

But no more.

They were able to get Liam Monday from the foster mom and tonight it the night they were able to return to the States with all the paperwork saying what's been in thier hearts for a long time: a new son to add to the family.

Big Brother Callum and Big Sister Alex are very excited as well!!

God bless you, Dawn and Gareth -I so wish I could be there to meet Liam with all the gang!

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy