Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Yesterday we drove from my parents house to Mandeville outside of New Orleans to visit with our former neighbors from Maryland. The boys had a wonderful time!! They both consider Jake their very best friend and just had a ball with him! Melissa had a great time with big sister Julia and as always big brother Josh was wonderful with the younger kids.

And I also had a ball visiting with Rose - Thanks for everything!!! We'll plan to do it again on our next trip! And yes, I'm still having you decorate my next house.

We are now in Natchez with Drew's family. We'll head out of town to the lake now for the rest of the week here in a few minutes. Several family members will be there and I'm sure it'll be a great time as well.

On the sad end of things, Drew's leave was canceled due to work requirements so he won't be able to join us here in the States for vacation. I think he'll still have his meetings in Philadelphia, but I'm not sure. If so then I'll still meet him there, but if not, I guess I'll head back to Guam early...we'll see. I'll work that out later.

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy