Monday, July 21, 2008

Wonderful Evening to Cold Hard Morning

Last night was the ice-breaker for Drew's conference - what a great time!! We had the chance to catch up with several friends. It was like going to a high school or family reunion. It was also very cool to be in a room with that many agents. And the stories!! So many stories! So. much. fun!!!

But then the morning came.

And with it the news of another plane crash in Guam.

This time we were not so lucky.

Six families are forever changed. One is one we know.

I only meet him briefly - he did the yearly physical for two of my kids last month, but I came home saying how what a wonderful doctor he was -how he took the time to explain things not just to me, but to the kids. He had a great bed-side mammer. Drew had dealings with him as well and thought well of him.

It was suppse to be just nice fly over the Libration Day Parade (Guam celebrating the libration from the Japanese in WWII, but instead it turned into a day of morning for many.

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy