Monday, August 11, 2008

I love Being Home!

As I said, we ended up spending two nights in HI...and no, it's not like you think. We were actually in the air and they turned the plane around after 90 mins.

I thought I would cry.

By the time we got to a hotel room, it was pass 8 so it was off to bed. We were told upon leaving that it would take 48 hours to fix the plane, but they ended up being ready to fly the next day. We were told to be at the terminal at 9. We got there around 8:30, but didn't leave till after 1:30.

Not the best way to spend an extra day in Hawaii - hanging out at a terminal trying to explain to your kids why they can't have races with the luggage carts like the rest of the kids. I was committed to avoiding the ER.

But the plane did land in Guam after 8 very long hours. I was so glad to get out of that plane! C5's have only four windows in the "troop" compartment so it has a dark coffin-like feeling to it.

Not exactly the feeling you want as you fly over water.

Lots and lots of water...

...With visions of old Airplort movies playing in your head....and only in your head because there's no nice video playing for the passengers.

But we made it home safe and sound! We've since enjoyed just being together with Drew again - seven and half weeks is a long time for the kids to be without their daddy. They are thrilled to be with him again - as I am!

Within 30 minutes of being home the kids opened up the boxes we mailed home and took out the Dance, Dance Revolution for the Wii and hooked it up.

And now we are all hooked - and so, that's what we've been doing - other than sleeping - since we got home.

I now know without any doubt: I have no coordination.

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Anonymous said...

DDR is a great workout! But yes, you do look, well,...not as coordinated as your children (at least that is me!)

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Leaping For Joy