Saturday, August 2, 2008

Melissa is in Love

Today Melissa had her first ride in a convertible...and is now in love and wants one.

Not sure what Daddy will say about this....

She actually got this ride from the lady who gave me my first ride in a convertible - and yes, both cars were red! Sue is a dear friend of the family that went to high school with my mother. I remember riding in her red little Miata one fine autumn morning from Jackson up to Oxford on our way to see the Rebels play.

Melissa just got a short ride around the neighborhood, but she loved it! The boys for some strange reason didn't even want to get in the car...a homebody is what William is!! Not sure about Ben....I think he was too afraid of riding in the front seat....strange boys I have at times... But Melissa is the adventuresome one -she's up for just about anything.

She now has about six years to try to talk her father into a little red convertible...good luck, girl!

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Polly said...

When I had my little Chrysler convertible a few years ago, Adolfas didn't like it one bit. What's up with these boys?

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Leaping For Joy