Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Other Me

Usually went I'm walking around the base, I'm just me, Kelley. Or Mrs. S. Or Bensmom. (that what several kids from Ben's class call me - all jam together like its one name.)

Just me - the mom, the sub teacher.

Last night Drew wanted to go to a going away dinner for someone he works with. We rarely go to these base events. I know some other wives have to go to these things all the time. But not me - for lots of reasons - mainly that Drew doesn't want to go! A lot of them are during the day and I'm working or otherwise busy.

But last night he wanted to go and so I went to. I wasn't Kelley there - I was "Mrs. Drew S" and (my favorite) "Ma'am".

As in "Nice to meet you, ma'am", "How are you, ma'am?", "Have a good night, ma'am".

That's how it is in the military - even if you're younger if the other person becomes aware of your husband's rank and it's higher than theirs - you are forever "Ma'am". Doesn't matter if they've meet you at an official function or at the soccer field - "Ma'am" is your new name.

Now...if I can only get my kids to say that at the end of some of their sentences....

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Polly said...

Oh the ma'am debate. A and I love it. It shows respect. And we both hate "yeah" as a response. My boy will say it a lot of the times. But S? Well, she has to be corrected. And when she DOES say "yes ma'am" it comes out "yesum". I'll take it. It's a good start.

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