Monday, September 29, 2008


Just a real quick post in between fighting the boys' for a turn at the computer!!

We really need more than one...

We had a great but busy weekend. Saturday we went on a boat trip with the chapel. They host a monthly "devotional dive". Drew dove the first time while we just swam some. The currents were really strong. So strong in fact that William got sick.


Just the impression you want to make on the new chaplain that was with us.

But the 2nd dive was inside the harbor and the waters were much calmer. We were able to snorkel and see a lot of fish. Drew skipped that dive to snorkel with us.

Sunday we woke up to the news that Ole Miss beat Florida.

I think my comment was: HOLY COW!

Very loudly.

Sunday afternoon Drew and I went to see the movie "Eagle Eye". One of the characters is an OSI agent. Overall the movie was good- go and see it!!

Off to let William do his homework.

We really need that 2nd computer....

(hope to have pictures tomorrow!!)

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Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy