Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yes, I know

Yes, I know I promised pictures. They're coming...just not sure when - I don't have time right now to download them from the camera and upload them here - off to work I am!

I'm not sure how all of you full-time working moms do everything! It's just not in me. Today is the last day I'm in the nursing office. Tomorrow I'll be off but getting my house and everything else ready for Melissa's birthday party.

She turned 10 on Tuesday. Such a sweet age!! (At least I say that right now as she is still sleeping and not up irritating her brothers...which is a new hobby of hers!) She'll be having a ladybug party complete with a ladybug pinata.

She's very excited! We'll be making ladybug wind chimes with ten other little girls.

11 little girls running around my house - and painting.

I may need a strong drink afterwards.

Off to get the little (well, not so little any more!) up and moving around for the day.

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Polly said...

I do so love ladybugs!
Yeah Melissa! 10 is a great age. But don't let her get any older, OK? She was a babe just walking when I met her. Life seems to just be whizzing by...I don't like it. Makes me feel old.
Love ya!

Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy