Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Time Flies...

I did not mean not to post for so long. But at times it's hard to get a turn at the computer!!

We had a nice weekend - Saturday I did some training for the AWANA program I help out with through the Chapel and then we just hanged out around the house. Sunday we had church, then we took the kids to the new BX - they also were impressed - especially with the toy section. I have a feeling a Christmas list is being made.

This week has already been busy with me subbing at the school - and the big one: All the kids are now in soccer.

It's official - I'm the soccer mom.

Melissa and Ben are just practicing with games to begin in a few weeks. William had another game yesterday. Of course, it was at the same time as Ben's first practice.

At times like these I really wish cloning was an option.

So, Ben and Melissa went with friends and I went to William's team while Drew finished up work then meet the kids at practice. William's team was ahead 2-0, but the game ended up being tied.

Which is better than a lost.

The team we played was one of the local Catholic schools, so they had all played together for years and were very good. We were happy we were able to hold our own.

Today holds out to be just as busy - I'm teaching at Bible study, then helping with the middle school picture day and tonight AWANA starts. Oh, yeah - there's a soccer practice by at least one kid in there somewhere.

Because I'm the soccer mom. Soccer - it's what we do....but please, don't ask me about any of the rules...I only know that you can't touch the ball beyond that I'm clueless.


Dawn said...

I won't tell Gareth you said that you don't know the rules:0) Did you learn nothing while you were here??


Anonymous said...

I hear ya, girlfriend! I am a proud soccer mom of 2. all I know is if the ball get in their net-thingy at the end of the field, its good for us!

Leaping For Joy

Leaping For Joy