Sunday, October 19, 2008

Busy Days

It's been busy around here in the last few days - good busy though. Thursday afternoon I subbed in one of the pre-k classes for two hours. It felt like all day. I'm really thinking of never subbing in the pre-k classes again.

Yes, I know it's part of my degree and I've taught pre-k for four years, but for now - no more. Here, they teach so differently - it's like a free-for-all. Very little structure - it drives me crazy.

And way too many kids. Each of the pre-k classes have an average of 20 kids. The classroom I was in was very cluttered - stuff everywhere! With that many kids and all the stuff around, I felt very claustrophobic.

But Friday I spent the day in first grade. It was wonderful! Of course, it helped that the kids had a busy day with Spanish, the counselor's visit, and an assembly taking up most of the teaching time, but all-in-all a wonderful class.

That I will do again!

Saturday we had two hours of soccer -will actually three. Ben played at 9 with Drew watching. Melissa played at 9 and again at 10 with me watching the whole time and the boys coming for the second game. I'm still amazed that the people who run this program excepted 8-9-10 year-olds to play in the Guam heat for two hours. Yesterday there wasn't enough water-coolers.

Did I mention how hot it was? The calendar may say October and where you are it may be a nice cool 75 degrees, but here? Still in the high 80's. Hot - very hot.

After the soccer games, we went home to cool off. I got dressed to attend a baby shower for a friend, then took a wonderful long nap. Afterwards I took William and Melissa to the school fall festival. Since we were being mean parents and making them use their allowance, Ben stayed home with dad. While it was nice to see a few friends, I really had hope to spend the last of the afternoon extending my laziness by taking over the couch and the TV...oh, well...maybe another day.

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