Thursday, October 16, 2008

Death to the Ladybug

When we were planning Melissa's birthday party, she really wanted a pinata. I, on the other hand, was hoping to avoid one. I told her if I found a ladybug pinata, then and only then would she have one.
I found one.
The Internet is just full of surprises.
In the days leading up to the party, she or one of her brothers would walk by the pinata and whisper, "You only have days left." Or, "You're going down!" Or, "Death to the ladybug."
And death did come to the ladybug amid lots of screams and laughter.
The only real sad thing was as the girls were swinging the bat to kill the ladybug, they also killed most of the toys in the ladybug. Thank goodness candy can't be broken, though

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Anonymous said...

I will never look at a lady bug costume the same way again.


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Leaping For Joy